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Young carers need support at school

By sandycooke - May 17th, 2010, 22:25, Category: General

A survey of six to 18-year-olds who care for a sick or disabled family member, carried out through the Princess Royal Trust for Carers along with the Children's Society, discovered 55 per cent didn't really feel supported by staff and 86 % didn't consider their teacher would comprehend what life was like for them.

Almost 29 percent mentioned there was no one at their classes who knew they were a fresh carer.

The survey found a lot more than 71 % of youthful carers had also been bullied at institution, with other people suffering from the pressure of juggling institution perform and caring responsibilities, worrying about how the man or woman they cared for was managing even though they were definitely at institution, and experiencing tiredness and depression in addition as missing homework deadlines and classes.

Hayley Simpson, from Northamptonshire Carers, said the charities' research reflected what she as well as other younger carers workers have been seeing first-hand inside county. She explained: "It varies from classes to institution and teacher to teacher. We have some feedback which is truly fine and some that goes with what this analysis suggests.

"We come across very a bunch of fresh folks we function with have difficulties at institution in one way or an additional.

"We get a bunch of referrals from education welfare officers, which signifies the younger person is having attendance complications, plus we hear about bullying and troubles with handing in homework.

"This can cause these youthful men and women either not acquiring exam passes or not doing in addition as they could, which in turn features a knock-on impact in later existence."

She praised the efforts on the two organisations to raise awareness in schools by launching the Supporting Young Carers education resource.

She claimed it was often straightforward points like permitting the carer to carry a mobile phone against institution rules, or extending homework deadlines, that produced a big distinction.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo

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