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Healthy school meals give pupils a growing taste for junk food

By sandycooke - May 17th, 2010, 22:32, Category: General

A “draconian” wholesome eating regime in Scottish secondary educational facilities may be encouraging pupils to go in search of junk meal, it has been claimed.

The uptake of education lunches has plummeted considering that national policies had been introduced to establish excess fat and vitamin content. In Glasgow, the biggest community authority area, uptake has dropped from 61 per cent of kids in 2006 to 38 per cent this calendar year — a fall replicated across Scotland.

Now the managing director of Cordia, the firm that supplies classes dishes to Glasgow City Council, has known as for a re-examination with the “draconian” policy, which he says is propelling pupils towards deep-fried pizzas and burger vans.

Fergus Chambers claimed that caterers had been “becoming chemists in lieu of cooks” as they tried to guarantee that they met nutritional requirements. The aim of receiving youngsters to consume more healthily was laudable, he stated, but the legislation was getting the reverse influence.

The drive for healthier food began in earnest in 2006, with an initiative by the Scottish Executive at the time. It supplied more nutritious options, in addition to greater data about foods.

Last year regulations came into influence to determine minimum levels for nutrients for example fibre, iron, calcium and zinc and limits on saturated extra fat and total fat. A minimum of two portions of fruit and vegetables must be given to pupils each and every lunchtime. Deep-fried foods could be given only as soon as a week.

“We are all singing from the very same hymn sheet,” Mr Chambers explained. “We do want the diet plan to increase. The question is, are we carrying out it the best way?

“Should youngsters be allowed to leave the confines of the classes? It’s a contentious problem. We have got burger vans even now sitting outside universities. We have got regional shops taking advantage on the school marketplace and placing on unique menus, which include deep fried pizzas and chips.”

He stated that the issue was acute in urban areas, in which pupils had uncomplicated access to quickly foodstuff. Flexible solutions that may very well be varied involving regions were definitely required. “I would like to determine a root-and-branch review throughout Scotland of in which we can construct in flexibility,” he said. “There is great danger that we're lowering wellness mainly because so quite a few kids are voting with their feet.”

John Dickie, head from the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, mentioned that universal cost-free dishes had been the most effective method to increase diets.

The Scottish government stated that it had been committed to encouraging young men and women to fully grasp the importance of a healthful lifestyle. It had been also introducing no cost college dishes for pupils in primaries one to three.

A spokeswoman stated: “Decisions on pupils leaving the university grounds during lunchtimes rest using the nearby authority. Even so, we know some councils have taken actions to prevent chip vans from trading near educational institutions throughout lunchtime.”

There are about 36,500 pupils in Glasgow secondary universities. Mr Chambers mentioned that their university meals represented 6.6 per cent of their diet plan more than a twelve months — yet it absolutely was the only region by which there was legislation.

Times Online

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